taming the shrew [EP]

by taming the shrew

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Recorded at the Tone Zone, Saco, ME, 2005

For more taming the shrew: spawnofman.bandcamp.com/album/the-burning-of-the-soapbox-throng


released January 1, 2005

All songs written by taming the shrew

Ethan Chaffin - guitar
Mike Curtis - bass
Kris Milo - vocals
Brandon Tardif - drums

Lyrics and cover design by Milo



all rights reserved


Earwhacked LTD Lewiston, Maine

It is what we make it.

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Track Name: Hindsight
Reflections in the sand contend with other plans

Remember how life ran you down
Distilling the bitterness and baring your ignorance
while clouding your vision with flies
All's well that ends well, clouding your vision with flies

Contortions of your hand
Meanwhile, compelling thoughts command

Remember how life was so great
The days were forever then and nights seemed to never end
revealing your mind with surprise
All's well that ends well
Revealing your mind with surprise

Missing the feelings of limitless wonder and memories drinking has stolen
Conveying resentment and all that has been bent by words you no longer control

Track Name: Thrush
Elegant smiles concealing bitter tongues, but it's all in fun
An image of your inner self can't be undone
Seething words among the frigid birds of diligence reek of ignorance
and a longing to be one of the brood
Encased in spiny shells with blackened pearls and tales to tell
lying in wait for any misfortune to befall you

From the festering mouths of impudence
spews the bitterness of intolerance
Revealing a lack of veracity
and those that see grow wise

Holed up inside your guilty world of things absurd
where simple words can end the life you live
Curious stares of gluttonous fools misguided by the herd
I am what you see, yet you can't see that is me

From the cankerous maw spitting ignorance
reflecting emotional indigence
Revealing a stock of stupidity
swelling with vicious lies

They've not the gift of giving or a lucid sense of life
only manicures and tanning beds will satisfy
Unbeknownst to those encrusted by the fold
Immunity from ridicule is non negotiable

From the festering mouths of impudence
spews the bitterness of intolerance
Revealing a lack of veracity
and those that see grow wise
Track Name: Funbox
Come one come all and gather around
for the parody, trajectory, of life to be
Unless we turn our eyes, avert the rays of all these moral toting situation comedies
Get off your ass and be brave
And then tomorrow came

Sleep and fade away

With all it's charm and intellect, you're all wet
lost in a world of neglect, you disapprove, I love your attitude
You brought it on by yourself, blaming me for your insecurity
Lost in a world of denial. and in a while when the weather's clear, you'll still be here
Gaining nothing
Track Name: Hello Pie
Gathering shells for my soul, I see my face change and turn with the tide
Left to my fear all alone, before the stairs I'm refusing to climb
Leave me be

This time I'm sitting here and laughing, I'm sitting all alone
Laughing here and waiting, puffing sparks of green, it's all the scene
Serene, obscene daydream, believer of lies, disguise the wise
No lies
My head is on fire, my head is on fire, on fire
I've lost all desires, all things I admire are gone
I'm lost in today, my life ran away, I'm wrong

I sample retardation, close to the breaking point, I have no point
I rarely see my reality
right in front of me

It's all gone now

Isn't it strange how life leaves us deranged?
Genetically mad from birth, of course
Can't you see how fruitless it'd be to lay it down and steer it's course?

Parameter's crossed

In time the layers peeled
I'm permanently bloated and all around's corroded, chick stank
Most nights have turned black, a shroud of gloom
My life is off track about to derail, I've got no wind in my sails
Not to mention that my head is on fire