A Craptastic Sampler

by Kris Milo & The Craptastics

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justin pardy
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justin pardy Kris from Loosetown! Great originals. Favorite track: The Failing Taoist.
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"Quantum Space Rock for the New Millennium!"



released October 1, 2013

Kris Milo - vocals, gutars, pseudo drums, and samples



all rights reserved


Earwhacked LTD Lewiston, Maine

It is what we make it.

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Track Name: The Parallax Cash Flow Invasion
Rough skins and a tired blender, Mother Nature’s just a big pretender
Dollar signs on the tips of my toes, fingernail from which the dollar grows

I caught it crawling deep inside my skin, black and itchy with a devil’s grin
Somehow it got it’s vicious teeth in me, a pint of whiskey always sets it free

I see it bouncing up against the floor, sometimes a little, yeah, sometimes more
Buried the body back behind the shed, don’t even care to think if he was dead
Track Name: The Failing Taoist
We are as one and all are as we
There is no light, there is no key
Living this life is feeling you’re free
To live without anger and some empathy

There is no happy ending only goodbye
There is no understanding, no reason why
All of our hopes and dreams fall around our feet like flies
And we all seem to agree, we’re the reason for our demise
Track Name: Death Becomes Us
Keep your back to the wall, you don't know when you'll fall
There's too much going on, everybody's...gone

Gone beyond the boundaries of our fragile human minds
Seeking all there is to find
There's no sense in feeling empty or confused, just remember them
Be happy that they let you in their lives
They watch us from beyond the sky

Beaming lights of distant passing, throwing spectral shadows on my soul

Wondrous Nature, fleeting magic
Spinning spiral, splashing out of form
Track Name: Size 13 Wide
Memories flood my thoughts with biting realization
A fascination with death and space and time
No longer one of the normal flock, so eager to waste my mind

Self aware with a need to understand all things now living or dead
To study life amidst the constant strife of society gouging our eyes out

Self taught in the art of reception, out the way of the freezing cold
My reflection has no voice to lead me astray
A black heart has no time for affection
A husk of anger has no place in you
So beat the Devil and dare to put on his shoes